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For more than 5000 years shepherds have been an important part of the economy. Their importance to the flock is undisputable as shepherds keep it intact, protect and guide it. Can there be a better inspiration for a project management software? We don't think so.

Project management is comparable to maintaining a large flock. The sheep must be able to move from pasture to pasture – or rather from project to project or task to task. SHEPHERD helps you to do that in an agile and flexible manner. Assigning tasks in Shepherd can be done fast and easily, using user friendly drag & drop mechanisms.

With the experience of many years and myriads of projects, we felt the urge to bundle our ideas and visions in a beautiful and reasonable PM software – SHEPHERD.PM

What you see is what you do

Shepherds know every single sheep because they are constantly watching them. Visualization and design play a vital role in our project management software.

All current tasks are constantly visible and clearly arranged to make sure that you do not lose track of any. Yet, SHEPHERD is not only about efficient organisation, but also about beauty. We believe that something you work with everyday should also flatter your eyes. But be assured, our breathtaking design does also clearly support the intuitive and simple handling.

SHEPHERD has the right balance. This will help your team to achieve a balance in and across all projects as well.

Experience the development of SHEPHERD firsthand and get early access to our beta.